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Overview of the Dispense Whitepaper

Overview of the Dispense Whitepaper


This document provides a brief overview of the Dispense Whitepaper, focusing on key aspects and not the complete content.

The cannabis industry faces unique financial and operational challenges due to its federal status, which limits access to traditional banking and financial services:

  • Limited Banking Access: Many dispensaries operate primarily in cash because they cannot secure banking services, leading to increased risks and operational inefficiencies.
  • Payment Processing Restrictions: Credit card giants like Visa and MasterCard impose heavy fees and often refuse to service cannabis-related businesses, limiting payment options.
  • High Transaction Costs and Taxation Challenges: Operating in cash incurs significant costs related to cash management and security. Additionally, the inability to utilize standard business tax deductions results in higher operational costs and tax burdens.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Costs: The evolving legal landscape imposes complex compliance and reporting requirements on dispensaries, further straining their financial resources.

Objectives: Dispense aims to revolutionize the payment landscape for dispensaries through blockchain technology, offering a secure and efficient cashless payment solution that mitigates these challenges, streamlines transactions, and fosters broader financial inclusion.

Ecosystem Overview

Dispense leverages the Solana blockchain for its core operations due to its high throughput, low transaction costs, and growing developer community. The long-term goal is to create a multi-chain ecosystem to enhance accessibility and integration across different blockchain networks. This approach ensures that Dispense can operate at scale, facilitating rapid, cost-effective transactions across the cannabis industry.

Dispense Token


  • Staking: Token holders can stake their tokens to receive rewards, contributing to network security and gaining incentives.
  • Governance: The Dispense token is a governance token that allows holders to vote on key decisions and participate actively in the management of the ecosystem. This includes votes on upgrades and changes proposed by the foundation.
  • Trading: Facilitated within the Solana ecosystem, enhancing liquidity and accessibility.
  • NFT Integration: Holders can buy and stake NFTs using Dispense tokens, integrating with broader digital asset markets.


  • Total Supply: 10 billion tokens, with no further minting.
  • Presale Tiers:
    • Tier 1: Tokens tradeable 30 days post-launch.
    • Tier 2: Tradeable after 60 days.
    • Tier 3: Tradeable after 90 days, with staking rewards starting from the day of purchase for Tier 3, and from the day of launch for Tiers 1 and 2.
  • Distribution: The initial release of tokens will be equal to the quantity sold during the presale. For example*: 500 million sold during presale then,
    • 500 million* will be airdropped.
    • An Additional 500 million* will be released into circulation.
    • Total released post-presale: 1.5 billion* tokens.
  • Of the remaining supply:
    • 5% will be set aside for the team/development.
    • 5% for Pro-Crypto Legislation/Philanthropy.
    • 25% reserved for rewards and staking incentives.
    • The rest may be subject to burns or long-term lockup.

* These numbers are examples and may vary based on the actual outcomes of the presale.

Market Analysis

The U.S. legal cannabis market has shown significant growth, valued at approximately $20 billion in 2022. With increasing legalization and consumer acceptance, the market is expected to expand further. Dispense aims to capture just 3% of this market initially, focusing on providing a viable financial solution to dispensaries.


  • Completed tasks:
    • Website and social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter) established.
  • TBD (To Be Determined):
    • Beta version of the platform under development.
    • Further development phases, including a dedicated application for dispensaries.
    • Tokenomics refinement and market expansion strategies.

Benefits and Use Cases

  • Cashless Transactions: Reduces the need for physical cash, lowering theft risks and operational hassles.
  • Enhanced Security: Minimizes on-site cash to deter theft and fraud.
  • Real-time Payroll Options: Facilitates immediate payroll processing, enhancing financial management for businesses.
  • Loyalty Programs: Incentivizes repeat customers with token-based rewards.


Dispense is poised to revolutionize payment solutions for the cannabis industry through innovative use of blockchain technology, addressing significant existing challenges and opening new opportunities for growth and efficiency.